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Guidelines For Attandance
  • If you are sick, at high risk, or live with someone who is; please watch from home.
  • Those who live together can sit together (on same pew).
  • Those from different households will sit in every other pew as will be marked off.
  • Greeting times will be suspended until further notice including fellowship before and after that takes place in the building. If you arrive early, please be seated immediately.
  • Sanitizer will be present and suggested to use for all entering and exiting.
  • Giving distance between attendees will be encourged. A space will be left between cars while parking.
  • There will be no Adult Bible Fellowships, children's classes or nurseries. Mothers are welcome to bring their children into the service and take them out as needed..
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized before service. Sanitizer will be available in the bathrooms to sanitize after personal use. (Parents must accompany children into the bathrooms.)
  • Those who are at risk or feel uncomfortable are encourged to join us online. We will continue to try to improve the online services so those who are at home can benefit.
  • If you are unable to attend and give your Tithes & Offerings. You may mail them to:
            First Christian Church of Centerville - P.O.Box 524 - Centerville, GA 31028.